About Us


Our very name says it - ideas! Our experience means we can inject an idea, see a potential story or discover a different slant that will work.

about us

There is nothing "rocket-scientist" about producing good newsletters
. It usually revolves around time and effort - two commodities that are often in short supply. In most companies a newsletter production is a "tacked-on" function to an employee's main game.

But at Associated Ideas, your newsletter is the only game in town. We put the time and effort in and take a pride in it.

Company history

After building a career as a copywriter in agencies in Sydney and Melbourne,
Roger Coles started Associated Ideas in 1981, with the intention of focusing on Business2Business and industrial companies, whom he felt needed a dose of creativity in their advertising and other business communication

He has worked with many companies over the years, creating ad campaigns for trade magazines, newsletters, product brochures, writing corporate and training videos, writing and producing radio and television commercials and creating "something different" for clients who want to rise above the ruck.


  • In the last 16 years, Associated Ideas has built a business on writing, designing and producing newsletters for clients. Newsletters that sell, convince, explain - whatever a company needs to say to key stakeholders, like existing and potential customers, suppliers and employees.
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“I would imagine there are not many agencies who can say that they have continually handled one client for 18 years and I think it is an indication of the high regard we had for your ideas and recommendations. –

Michael White, Managing Director

 “Getting a great response from the newsletter.” –

Loretta Pearson, Managing Director

 “This edition was particularly effective. The use of colour and font types made it attractive and a pleasure to read.”

Catherine Hornsby, Marketing Co-ordinator

 “I have found Roger Coles to be great to work with. He has a mind for imaginative concepts and the ability to make a real difference to gain attention in the most competitive market.”

Andrea Edwards, Public Affairs Manager