Workplace Ideas & Communicating with Employees



Good, timely internal communication means all of your people are getting the same message.



Assuming that ‘the word’ filters down through the ranks risks inaccuracy and non-compliance.






Internal Newsletters

All organisations need the entire workforce to be in-sync with the stated goals and the best way to inform your people, is via your own internal newsletter.

 We’ve all heard it  – the complaint from the floor, the sales team, the despatch – ‘we never know what’s happening here’.

Your internal newsletter will:

-          support organisational goals
build teamwork
drive Continuous Improvement, cost-saving
drive Health, Safety & Environmental awareness
drive Sustainability measures
drive culture change
and anything else that’s important to you


A picture is worth a thousand words!

Make sure photos are used throughout a newsletter to communicate as well as break-up large areas of type.
When taking photos you don't have to be Lord Litchfield, so take 4 or 5 of your subject and one of them will be a winner.

At Associated Ideas we consult with you on the content, interview your people, write the articles, have them reviewed/corrected by the source, take the photos where possible, design and assemble the artwork, print on approval and if you require it, organise the distribution. We do it all for you!

We often work interstate for other clients and if your organisation is nation-wide, we can cover a story/stories for you interstate at the same time for a modest cost.


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SCT Express Autumn 2011

Danks Connect Issue 1 2012
 Amcor Packing Link Summer 2008
Danks Post Conference 2011

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