Your dedicated company newsletter is an added conversation with your customer or prospective customer.



The success stories previously featured in your newsletter become part of your overall sales pitch.










Company Newsletters

Business2Business Newsletters for products and services

  Today, business is largely about relationships and partnerships. Relationships that are built on an understanding of each other’s business model. That understanding is driven by communication. A regular, relevant, well-written newsletter can assist to build relationships with customers, suppliers and any other stakeholder.

 If you are not telling your customers and prospective customers about new products; new services; new people resources; excellence in delivering the promise; who is?

 Your own company newsletter can say volumes more than any magazine ad could ever do.

 At Associated Ideas we interview the clients who are thrilled about what you’ve done for them and it’s their testimonials that sell you to the marketplace in your newsletter. Research has proven that this type of message resonates more effectively with the target audience.

 We take the photos where possible to support your success story, get the approval from the interview source; design and assemble the artwork, print on approval and if you require it, organise distribution. We know that everyone in your company is already doing their “day job” so we take all the hassle out of your newsletter production.

Newsletter Samples

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